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Note that with the deprecation of ia32-libs-dev building in an i386 chroot is currently your best bet on amd64.

Compiling/Installing Wine
497. Compiling Wine 1.7 in a chroot on debian
479. Compiling Wine 1.6 on Debian (using a chroot)
452. Briefly: Wine and MIME nuisance: MS Modelling is associated with everything...
444.Building Wine 1.6-rc1 on Debian Wheezy using a chroot
433. Wine 1.5.31 on Debian
429. Briefly: Wine, libGL/liubGLU, Blender and nvidia -- 3D acceleration under Wine
416. Compiling Wine 1.5.30 in a chroot
387. Compiling Wine 1.5.28 in a i386 chroot on Debian Wheezy amd64
376. Wine 1.5.27 on Debian: i386 chroot
323. Wine 1.5.22 on Debian Testing/Wheezy. Compiling using multiarch
308. Compiling Wine 1.5.21 with multiarch on Debian Testing -- clean multiarch build
296. Building Wine 1.5.19 on Debian (Wheezy/Testing) without errors
287. Compiling Wine 1.5.5 from source using the carbon-dev deb patches
286. Briefly: installing the wine 1.5.5 from debs
257. Wine 1.5.15 on debian testing/wheezy --finally sorting out that annoying libjpeg
194. Wine 1.4.1 and Wine 1.5.6 on Debian Wheezy
97. Wine 1.4 out now -- very brief build instructions
77. Compiling Wine 1.4-rc4 and wine 1.4-rc5 on debian testing
38. How to install and/or compile wine on debian testing

Installing programs in Wine
377. Wine 1.5.27 and Office 2003: Equation editor now supported!
356. Installing Office 2003 under Wine on Arch Linux
320. Wsearch32 in Wine
309. Installing Office 2003 in Wine on Debian Testing
248. Matt Monroe's Molecular Weight Calculator under Wine on Linux
36. PDF and annotation/editing under linux -- no solutions
15. ORTEP-3 for Windows (Winortep) under Wine

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