OS X/Windows

The beauty of open source is that even if you for some reason might not be able to use Linux, you can certainly use a lot of the tools that make Linux such a great OS even on Windows or OS X:

There's an enormous back-log of posts to add, so don't forget to use google too.

441. Links to two good articles on windows, piracy and linux.
434. ECCE 6.4 in a 32 bit on Debian 7 Virtual Machine by compiling, or in a 64 bit Debian 7 Virtual Machine by using pre-built binaries
427. Very Briefly: encfs on windows (XP, Vista)
426. Multibooting Windows XP, Vista and Debian
353. Cygwin with octave and gnuplot on windows XP.
352. Installing coreutils and sed, gawk on Windows XP (without cygwin)
351. Installing gnuplot on Windows XP
350. Installing GNU Octave on Windows XP
327. Installing Octave, Gnuplot, maxima etc on OSX 10.8.2 via macports

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