08 August 2011

14. Evolution email and Google Calendar(s)

The process is already described here:

It's not much of a post, but it may be of help to someone who tried the Google option when setting up the calendar sync in Evolution and found it less than satisfactory.

Edit 16/12/2011:
Recently (last two days, version 3.0.3-3) been getting error messages in evolution when trying to connect to my google calendar. While using the method described above for a while I switched to using 'google' instead of 'caldav' as the calendar type at some point. Well, it doesn't work anymore.

Here's how to use google calendar in Evolution:
New -> Calendar
Type -- CalDav

URL: caldav://www.google.com/calendar/dav/myemail%40gmail.com/events/
Use SSL: yes
User name: myemail@gmail.com
User email: myemail@gmail.com

Then clock 'Browse server for calendar and select the
+ /calendar/dav/myemail%40gmail.com/
         - myemail@gmail.com

Whether  you want to copy content offline or use it as default calendar is a personal choice.

Edit: 16/12/2011 -- 2 hours later
Well, it's not working anymore. Same TLS handshake BS as before.

"Error loading calendar
Cannot open calendar: Unexpected HTTP status code 6 returned (Peer failed to perform TLS handshake)"

What I can't understand is why there is no good description of this problem on the web, given that Evolution is the default email and calendar client for gnome. I don't like thunderbird/icedove+sunbird/iceowl much, but things seem to work better in general there.

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