24 February 2012

76. Tomato router and free dns

The situation:
you have a DSL service with a dynamic IP. Your IP typically changes once per month or so, perhaps a bit more often. It would be nice to connect a domain name to your IP address and have it automatically point in the right direction.

The solution:
The easiest way to do this is probably by using the tomato router firmware for linksys routers. Presuming that you've got it installed and running:

1. Register for a free dns account at freedns.afraid.org
2.  Create a subdomain e.g. jibberjabber.mooo.com. Link it to an IP address.

3. Generate a URL for dynamic update

4. Log on to your router and add the URL (the irrelevant parts will probably be excised automatically)
5. Wait. It will take a couple of hours for the domain name to point in the right direction. In the beginning my domain name pointed at


  1. Thanks for the post! Exactly what i was looking for.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..