08 May 2012

145. Rasmol on ROCKS 5.4.3

By request:

This shows how to install rasmol on ROCKS 5.4.3 which is based on CentOS.

wget http://www.rasmol.org/software/RasMol_Latest.tar.gz
tar xvf
cd RasMol-

If all went well
sh rasmol_run.sh
should start it

NOTE: this doesn't install rasmol anywhere -- it builds it and allows you to run it from the src directory. Put an alias in your ~/.bashrc  pointing towards the rasmol_run script e.g.
alias rasmol='sh /home/me/.rasmol/RasMol-'

Note that prior to this you will have to set up a working build environment, e.g.
sudo yum install gcc gcc-c++ gcc-gfortran cpp


  1. I tried to do this on CentOS and it didn work, it is still unable to find or create the binaries for Rasmol, I'm getting desperate and starting to hate centOS at all. Thanks for this blog anyway, it's really helpful

    1. * What step/part didn't work? Error message(s)?
      * What version of CentOS are you using?
      Let me know and I'll try to help you -- make sure that you've set up a proper build environment (see recent edit)

    2. If you have the option you might also want to consider using e.g. debian, which has rasmol installable via the package manager.

  2. what are the commands to install rasmol 2.7.2 in centos 7. please send the step by step procedure.