07 June 2012

179. Building ECCE on Debian Testing/Wheezy

UPDATE: Build went fine. Upgrade went fine. But the organizer doesn't show my jobs properly i.e. the files are there but they aren't recognised as jobs. I haven't had a solid look at this yet, and it might just be because I need to restart more services than just the http server. It's been a long day...

UPDATE 2: An update on a different computer went without a hitch, with all the old job files being imported properly.

UPDATE 3: I started ECCE and let the data manger chew on it for four hours. No luck on the troublesome computer. The only difference is the java -- openjdk 7 worked fine, oracle jre/jdk didn't. Dunno if this is the reason, but currently in the process of installing the binaries to see whether that works better. Updates will come...

UPDATE 4: Installing the prebuilt ECCE binaries did the trick. In summary: as far as I know you MUST use openjdk 7. SUN/Oracle Java does not appear to work. It's exhibited in a lack of ability to recognise old jobs as being...jobs rather than just folders and files.

I'm trying to document everything I'm doing these days, no matter how simple or (at least in retrospect) obvious it is.

Here's how to build the 4th of June 2012 version of ecce v6.3.

You need to be registered with EMSL/PNNL to download ecce. There are plans to open-source the software properly (i.e. no need to register) sometime this coming northern summer. But for now you need to be an academic group leader to have access.

(I originally posted a somewhat different post where I recommended making some changes to the build scripts re ECCE_HOME. Eventually I saw the light and realised the error of my ways)

Download ecce-v6.3.src.tar.bz2, and put it in a suitable folder, e.g. ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp
tar -xvf ecce-v6.3-src.tar.bz2
cd ecce-v6.3/
export ECCE_HOME=`pwd`
cd build/

The first time you run ./build_ecce you'll be asked a series of questions relating to installed packages. If it's all good, answer
Do you want to skip these checks for future build_ecce invocations (y/n)? y
If anything came up, then read the message carefully and install the missing package.

NOTE: on one box I noticed different version of java and javac being found, as I had both openjdk 6 and 7 installed. I couldn't set javac to 6 but I could do
sudo update-alternatives --config java
and set it to openjdk 7.

[From my small, statistically unsound sample set Oracle/SUN java will NOT work.]

Then do ./build_ecce again. And again. And again. In all, I think you do it six or seven times - each time a new package is built.
I always get a
lib: No such file or directory.
at the end of the httpd build. Not sure why, but everything seems to be ok in spite of that.
Anyway, you know that you're done running ./build_ecce when you get
ECCE built and distribution created in /home/verahill/tmp/ecce-v6.3
At this point, you are ready to install
DO NOT USE ./install_ecce


But that's a different story. install_ecce will give you weird error messages about missing tar files. install_ecce.v6.3.csh on the other hand will work fine.

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