27 November 2012

285. Minor bug in ECCE

I'll classify this as a bug, since the specificity of it surely must mean that it is an unintended behaviour. Basically you lose your hand-edited changes in your input files if you're not careful.

By Editor I don't mean the vim editor, but rather then Job Editor in Ecce.

 A demonstation: 

1. Create an input in ECCE. In this case I created a single-point energy calculation of dioxygen. Hand-edit the input file by clicking on Final Edit and add e.g. maxiter 99 in the dft block.

 2. Run the job

 3. Open the Editor. With the Editor open, click on Run Mgmt/Reset for restart. (In spite of the figure below, it has nothing to do with whether the vim editor is open or not.)

 4. Your hand-edited changes are now gone.

 In contrast, if the Editor is not open when you click on Run Mgmt/Reset for restart the changes will be kept.

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