07 February 2013

335. Compiling sinfo in Arch linux

Note: I'm not abandoning Debian. I'm just going on a roadtrip with Arch to see whether we can all happily co-exist in the same machine park.

sinfo is available in AUR, but it's broken and won't build. Luckily it's very easy to build it yourself.

(see here for debian and here for centos)

mkdir ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp
sudo pacman -S wget base-devel boost asio
wget http://www.ant.uni-bremen.de/whomes/rinas/sinfo/download/sinfo-0.0.47.tar.gz
tar xvf sinfo-0.0.47.tar.gz
cd sinfo-0.0.47/
sed -i 's/\-mt//g' sinfo/Makefile.*
sed -i 's/\-mt//g' sinfod/Makefile.*
sudo make install

Not sure about a suitable systemd script (I'll update somewhere down the line). To start sinfod manually do
sudo sinfod --quiet 

if you have multiple ifaces you can set the --bcastaddress.

To start sinfo itself, well, run sinfo

Not much fun with only one node...

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