20 March 2013

364. Setting up a new user on a ROCKS cluster

Because I keep forgetting about the rocks sync command...

From https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/rocks-clusters/P6tvn_2Gk5Y

To add a new user to a ROCKS cluster and let them use Sun Grid Engine, do the following

sudo useradd -m verahill
sudo passwd verahill
su verahill
sudo usermod -a -G compchem verahill
rocks sync users
qconf -auser verahill
1 name verahill 2 oticket 0 3 fshare 0 4 delete_time 0 5 default_project NONE

where compchem is a usergroup I've set up to give everyone access to the executables they need.

The first login, using su above, creates the .ssh directory and rsa/dsa keys.

Finally, to force the user to change their password on first login, do
chage -d 0 verahill

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