18 February 2014

554. Briefly: Drawing molecules on linux: Marvinsketch

I don't remember how I installed this, but marvinsketch is by far the fanciest molecular drawing application on linux. It's written in java, which means that it runs natively (well, as natively as something like java can run).

Note: it's free for academia only and you will need to register.

To get MarvinBeans, go to https://www.chemaxon.com/ and register as an academic. Then go to http://www.chemaxon.com/download/marvin-suite/ and download the 64 bit linux installer with jre.

Presumable you can install it by doing
sh marvinbeans-6.1.0-linux_with_jre64.sh

in the download directory.
Once it's installed create a file called ~/.local/share/applications/marvinsketch.desktop:
[Desktop Entry] Name=MarvinSketch GenericName=MarvinSketch Comment=Software for drawing molecules Exec=sh /home/me/ChemAxon/MarvinBeans/MarvinSketch Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Science Version=6.1

You should now be able to find it in GNOME 3.

There are a lot of similarities between ISISDraw and MarvinSketch -- and that's a good thing since it allows people like myself to draw molecules quickly without thinking too much about it.
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