13 November 2014

601. Linphone on windows XP with llinphone's sip server

This post is meant as a step by step guide that more computer savvy users on linux (who'd be interested in using linphone) can share with less computer savvy users on windows.

I'd like to be able to do a video chat with a specific person who told me about issues with installing skype on their laptop. Given that I'm having issues with skype on some of my computers as well, and the general nuisance of having to deal with i386 libs just for the sake of skype, and the fact that I'm using linphone for my iinet voip service as well as freecall, I'm keen on getting that person switched to linphone.

(I presume that easier solutions would involve e.g. google talk in a browser, but where's the fun in that?)
The following was done on a native installation of windows xp which I remotely connected to using remmina (via rdp).

1. Get Linphone.

Note that the current version, 3.7.0, which is available by clicking on the download button on the website does not work on windows XP (for me), as it gives the following:

Instead, go to http://download-mirror.savannah.gnu.org/releases/linphone/3.6.x/win32/ and download 3.6.1.
version 3.4 works too
2. Install Linphone
Nothing odd here:

2b. Register for a SIP service
For Linphone to work you need to register for a SIP service. Linphone offers a free one. NOTE that you can register for a SIP service during the installation of Linphone i.e. you don't need to follow this step. Might be useful if you've already got Linphone installed and want to manually register though.

3. Set up Linphone
If you're asked whether to unblock, click unblock.
The wizard:

If you didn't sing up separately for a SIP account you can choose to do so as part of the setup using the wizard. Otherwise you can manually set it up, and that's what I'll show here:

That's the end of the wizard.

You can add contacts just like you would in any other 'chat' program, although here you use SIP addresses.

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