28 June 2017

639. ECCE is under active development again!

The Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment package (ECCE) by EMSL/PNNL has been forked and placed on github.

It is now under active development. Several bug fixes have been made, binary packages are being provided, and new features are being added.

All rejoice!

You can find the github repo here: https://github.com/FriendsofECCE/ECCE

There are three main branches, in increasing order of excitement:
* master
This branch has minimal changes from the PNNL code. It's basically in maintenance mode. Nothing exciting to see here.
* stable
Stable, like master, incorporates bug fixes, but also includes a few new features, such as SLURM support. A tiny bit of excitement to be had.
* develop
No holds barred, anything goes, everything's added. Might not suit everyone, but has got tons of fixes and features added, such as explicit g09 support and added selection options in the GUI.

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