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28 November 2012

286. Briefly: installing the wine 1.5.5 from debs

UPDATE 16 May 2013: See here for Wine 1.5.30:

UPDATE (10th Jan 2013): See here for Wine 1.5.21 using the multiarch approach:

Update: Try this first:
It uses a lot less bandwidth, and involves compiling wine yourself, but using the build instructions from the

Please Note
For bandwidth reasons please don't use this method if you are satisfied with the version you obtain through compiling by following this method:

A long time ago ( I posted three methods for installing Wine on Debian Testing:
1. Use the Squeeze version
2. Get the Wine-unstable build from
3. Compile your own version

I've never managed to build Wine to successfully include OpenCL, gstreamer, or libgsm. Also, there are occasional issues with libjpeg, and I recently have problems with libOSMesa.

So here's an alternative solution for installing a relatively recent version of wine, and it involves no compiling.

Note that it seems that the Wine project uses the traditional way of numbering releases i.e. odd version are development versions i.e. the 1.4 series is stable, the 1.5 series is under development, and the 1.6 series will be the next stable.

Please note what it says on the carbon-dev page:
The amount of traffic this little sub-page generates is quite respectable. If you think this service helpful and want to help cover some of the attached costs, please donate a few Euros, either through PayPal, by flattring this or by donating through Flattr. Thank you! (You can, of course, also donate something, for totally different reasons.)
So at the very least don't download the same packages over and over and keep bandwidth to a minimum.

Anyway, here we go.

0. Clean up
Uninstall any newer version of wine if you've compiled e.g. 1.5.15.
sudo apt-get autoremove wine

1. Download
Get the debs for wine 1.5.5:
cd ~/tmp
mkdir wine-1.5.5
cd wine-1.5.5/
wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A amd64.deb
FINISHED --2012-11-28 17:05:04-- Total wall clock time: 1m 1s Downloaded: 18 files, 65M in 54s (1.20 MB/s)

2. Install
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
Processing triggers for man-db ... Setting up libwine-alsa-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-bin-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-capi-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-cms-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-dbg-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-dev-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-gl-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-gphoto2-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-ldap-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-openal-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-oss-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-print-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up libwine-sane-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Setting up wine-bin-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ... Processing triggers for mime-support ... Processing triggers for gnome-menus ... Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils ... Setting up wine-unstable (1.5.5-0.1) ...

3. You're done