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20 January 2016

628. Very briefly: Crystalmaker in debian jessie with wine-staging (1.9)

 I am seeing consistent crashes with files containing multiple structures (e.g. multi-xyz or multi-cif files). They open fine in a virtualbox instance of crystalmaker.

The terminal shows
fixme:shell:check_flags Unsupported flags: 2414
Before buying crystalmaker, make sure to try it extensively first as there is a free demo version available.

Original post:
This is a brief and somewhat incomplete post.
I recently bought a crystalmaker license, knowing that it had no support under linux. I figured that I'd live with running it in an XP VM. My allergies to all things windows made me very unhappy with that solution, however.

So I tried to install crystalmaker using wine in jessie (1.6.2) and the current (1.50.1) version of Crossover. The installation worked fine for both, but running the software lead to crashes.

I then installed the winehq-staging version (1.9):
sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
sudo apt-key add Release.key

I edited /etc/apt/sources.list
deb jessie main
sudo apt-get update
sudo sudo apt-get install winehq-staging

Same issue.

I then finally actually read the crash message, which mentioned that
wine: Unimplemented function msvcp120.dll.?_Throw_C_error@std@@YAXH@Z called at address 0x7b83a70c (thread 004e), starting debugger...
That lead me to install vcrun2013 using winetricks:
winetricks -q vcrun2013 gdiplus

Crystalmaker now works perfectly (as far as I can see) under wine. Saving graphics as PNG works too. I haven't tried anything else as I'm not familiar with crystalmaker.

[NOTE: by running WINEPREFIX=~/.cxoffice/crystalmaker winetricks vcrun2013 I later got it to work in crossover. I haven't tried wine 1.6.2 again.]

[Note 2: gdiplus is needed to fix messages of the type
fixme:gdiplus:Gdip<...> graphics object has no HDC]