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26 February 2012

79. Bankid/nexus personal and iceweasel on Debian Testing

Update 19 Feb. 2013:
Here's an updated post: -- see that one instead, in particularly if you're upgrading.

Note that you may have to compile your own nspluginwrapper:

and you will need to enable multiarch to install ia32-libs:
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update

Original post:
Swedish banks and government institutions use bankid/nexus personal for electronic id verification. Sadly, it's a horrible solution -- it seems to be closed source, the bankid website is a POS which prevents me from downloading the 64 bit version claiming that it's not supported (I've used it for a few years now, so it's clearly bunkum).

Note that there's a FOSS alternative in Fribid ( which seems to be working perfectly -- and if you can use it, use it. The main limitation is that in practice you'll have to collect your certificate/ID with it, since newer versions of BankID saves the ID in an incompatible format. Like many foreigners, I don't have the opportunity to visit Sweden for the sole sake of picking up a new ID, so I'm stuck with BankID. But you may not be.

* A Swedish how-to is available here:

* Another, more recent how-to is here:

Note: I have never 'exported' my ID, but have always copied the ~/.personal directory between computers. The problem with exporting is that you are only allowed to do it once. The problem with Nexus allowing your to copy the file itself is that anyone with physical access to your computer can copy the key.

 Here's a summary of how to get it working on debian testing wheezy:

In theory you should install nexus personal from here:

I've got v installed on a 64 bit system. The message on this page is a load of bollocks:

Whatever -- the good guys over at Arch supply a link:

EDIT: you can use this generic url instead

tar -xvf  BISP-
cd  BISP-
 sudo sh i
 Installing BankID Security Application
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins': No such file or directory
WARNING: Failed installing plugin for Firefox 3. Manually add symlink to in your Firefox 3 plugin directory if this browser is to be used.
Installation complete.

Since the plugin is 32 bit, you need to link it with nspluginwrapper, and you need 32 bit libs, so

sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper ia32-libs

Also, as far as I can tell, you need iceweasel/firefox. Chrome/ium won't work.

sudo nspluginwrapper -i /usr/local/lib/personal/  

Check to see if it's installed:
nspluginwrapper -l
 Original plugin: /usr/local/lib/personal/ 
Plugin viewer: /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer
Wrapper version string: 1.3.0  
And visit  the following page to make sure
Or your bank.

Your  key -- on a computer where you've used bankid before -- will be in ~/.personal -- don't bother trying to import or export it using the bankid/nexus personal programme ( since you're apparently only allowed to do that a certain number of times.

If you just plain copy the files, however, you can do it as many times as you want. I told you the programme is a POS. Anyway,

tree .personal
|-- backup
|   |-- config
|   |   `-- Personal.cfg
|   `-- store
|-- config
|   `-- Personal.cfg
`-- store
    |-- 1.ngp
    `-- 2.ngp

Nexus Personal/BankID is installed in /usr/local/lib/personal/

Links to this page: