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23 April 2013

394. Eduroam using wicd and network-manager

Eduroam is a "secure international roaming service" which is used by a great number of universities in Europe, the US and Australia, as well as being used by a limited number of campuses in Asia and Africa.

It's a pretty neat idea since there's frequent exchange of visitors between universities (visiting researchers, seminar speakers, PhD students visiting to do measurements etc.). Getting an account to set up with IT for a temporary user is too much hassle -- and this takes care of that.

While Eduroam might be implemented slightly different on different campuses, this is what I've had luck with in Melbourne (

Here are a couple of screenshots and instructions for network-manager and wicd


Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP) Anon. Identity: CA certificate: Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2 Username: uniusername Password: password

I wiped my laptop a month or two ago and hadn't bothered reconnecting to eduroam after that, so when setting it up in wicd I first tried creating a script in /etc/wicd/encryption/templates, which I activated by including it in /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/active. I kept on getting 'bad password' errors though. Note that I've had no success whatsoever connecting to any network using wicd in virtualbox. What I show below works on physical hardware (i.e. my Thinkpad SL410) though.

Anyway, simple: click on Properties for the eduroam network you want to connect to, and set it up as shown below (version 1.7.2 as found in Wheezy)

For Encryption, pick PEAP with TKIP/MSCHAPv2, and input your university username and password.

You don't need to use the CA cert, so if you don't have access to the eduroam CA cert, don't worry, and don't include it (it improves security though).

As a bonus, here are the settings in android.

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