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01 August 2015

619. Making libreoffice look a bit nicer

...and by the title I actually refer to making it look like MS office...we can discuss the merits or lack thereof of that, but not here and now.

NOTE: you can install a few alternative icons themes directly from the debian repos by installing the libreoffice-style-* packages.

Anyway, we're commiting sacriledge by making our libreoffice look like MS office. You can obviously use the instructions here to pick a less controversial look.

First go to or use wget:

sudo mv /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/config/

Then in libreoffice go to Tools/Options/Libreoffice:view and pick your theme:
 Menu bar:
This is a weird one. Go to Tools/Options/Libreoffice:personalisation and under Firefox themes select own theme, and Visit Firefox Themes.

Then paste the URL of the theme you want. I used this URL:

And this is how libreoffice writer looks now: