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13 September 2012

234. CPMD with netlib lapack, blas and your own fftw on debian testing

This is a minor update to my previous post on CPMD. Back in the days I had issue linking to my Openblas libs (got a binary which would not run properly) but I've since had success with the netlib lapack and blas libs.

1. Compile the netlib lapack and blas libraries according to this post:

2. Compile the fftw libraries according to this post (ignore the sections on Openblas and Gromacs):

3. Compile CPMD. We'll be following this post in large parts.
Register with Once you're approved download the cpmd source to ~/tmp.

sudo apt-get install libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin

cd ~/tmp
tar -xvf cpmd-v3_15_3.tar.gz
Create the file LINUX-x86_64-DEBIAN:
     CFLAGS='-c -O2 -Wall'
     CPP='/lib/cpp -P -C -traditional'
     FFLAGS='-c -O2 -fcray-pointer -fno-whole-file -fsecond-underscore'
     LFLAGS='-l:/opt/fftw/fftw-3.3.2/double/lib/libfftw3.a -l:/opt/fftw/fftw-3.3.2/double/lib/libfftw3_mpi.a -l:/opt/fftw/fftw-3.3.2/double/lib/libfftw3_threads.a -I/usr/include -l:/opt/netlib/blas/lib/ -l:/opt/netlib/lapack/lib/ -lpthread -lmpi'
      FC='mpif77 -fbounds-check'
      LD='mpif77 -fbounds-check'

Next edit ~/tmp/CPMD/wfnio.F and change the following lines:
 15       CHARACTER(len=*) TAG
 63         IF(TAG(1:2).EQ.'NI') THEN
201       IF(TAG(1:2).NE.'NI') THEN
271         IF(TAG(1:2).EQ.'NI') THEN

Now, in ~/tmp/CPMD, run
./ LINUX-x86_64-DEBIAN > Makefile
sudo mkdir /opt/cpmd
sudo chown $USER /opt/cpmd
cp cpmd.x /opt/cpmd

And follow everything below 'Done! Almost.' in this post: