11 December 2011

27. Linux: some applications

Here are some linux tools which I've found myself using:
email -- mutt
chat -- mcabber
spreadsheet -- sc, sed + gawk, python
calculator -- bc
editing -- vim, nano
browser -- elinks
music -- cplay
plotting -- gnuplot
maths -- octave, maxima
Gnome (some of these I use only in the terminal, so I list them twice):
terminal -- guake
latex -- gvim, texmaker, latexilla
editing -- gvim, gedit
plotting -- gnuplot
maths -- octave, maxima
system stats -- conky
email -- evolution
chat -- gajim
browser -- chrome
video -- vlc
music -- mostly cplay in cli, but otherwise vlc
crypto -- truecrypt
password management -- keepassx
I probably spend 90% of my time using vim since, being a 'simple' editor, it's so versatile. Before taking the time to learn vim, I used gedit (and to a smaller extent nano) for the same purpose. Nano is fine, but vim is more ubiquitous (in the form of vi) and has an excellent tutorial included. I simply don't know what the full capabilities of nano are -- maybe it's only as powerful as, say, notepad, or maybe it can do everything vim can.
I gave emacs a serious try about a year ago, and it didn't suit me. I do appreciate that emacs can be considered as an OS almost in itself, but since I believe in the idea of one program - one task, and find vim more user-friendly (not meaning learner-friendly, although it is too) I felt more motivated to get serious with vim. Two weeks with emacs brought me to the same level as two rather relaxed evenings with vim.

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