05 April 2013

377. Wine 1.5.27 and Office 2003: Equation editor now supported!

I prefer using TeX, but collaboration is a reality of academia, and sometimes it's just easier to shut up and use Word.

To install Office 2003 under Wine on Debian, see here: http://verahill.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/307-installing-office-2003-in-wine-on.html

In post 376 I compiled and installed wine 1.5.27. Starting word under wine I noticed that an old mathtype install was now recognised (if not completely functional), and that gave me hope that Equation Editor would be installable.

Equation Editor
Here's how to get it up and running

1. Control panel
If you've already installed Office under Wine, try using add/remove programs:
wine control

and click on Add/Remove programs, then modify your Office installation. That didn't work for me since my Office install wasn't listed for some reason.

If that doesn't work, then
2. (Re-)Install
sudo mount -o loop OFFICE11.iso /mnt
wine msiexec /i /mnt/pro11.msi

And start the installation.

Start word, go to Insert/Objects

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