15 July 2013

476: Rehash: using a browser proxy via tunnel, through a router and with reverse ssh

I may have covered this at some point, but if so, I can't find the post.

Here's the situation:
You have a linux computer at work, which is behind a corporate firewall.
You have a router at home which runs an ssh server (e.g. running tomato).
You have a computer at home, which sits behind the router above.
You want to browse from home using the corporate network

In my case it's a little bit different -- I want to make a change to the router my office network (I have my own office) sits behind, and the easiest way to do that is by logging onto that router via http (it's a stock netgear router).

How to:
First, at work, connect to your home router using reverse ssh, so that all traffic on port 19999 on the router gets sent to port 22 on your work computer:
ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 root@myhomerouter

Later, at home, forward all traffic to port 8989 on your home computer to localhost:19999 on your router (which then gets sent to port 22 on your work computer):
ssh -L 8989:localhost:19999 root@

We've assumed that the router sits on from inside the LAN. Localhost here refers to your home computer, while localhost in the command before that refers to the router.

Then, in a different terminal, open a proxy through port 8989:
 ssh -D 8888 me@localhost -p 8989

Finally, you can now edit your browser/network settings to use a SOCKS proxy on port 8888 like you would with any other proxy.

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