25 December 2013

538. Briefly: Sort folders before files in nautilus 3.8

I'm running debian jessie (current testing) on my laptop and after having held off upgrading for a while since I had to take it to a conference and didn't want to risk ending up with a broken system, I finally took the leap. I notice that there are a lot of references to systemd in dmesg, but haven't had a look at what it actually means -- are we past init and fully switched to systemd now? Or how do I go about modifying my network configuration if I can't use /etc/network/interfaces?

Anyway, one annoying little thing is that in Nautilus the folder content by default is arranged in alphabetical order, regardless of whether it's a file or a directory. The old behaviour was to arrange folders in alphabetical order, then files.

Here's how to get it back to 'normal' behaviour:
The new behaviour
Click on the 'Files' menu on the top desktop bar, select preferences:
Check 'Sort folders before files' to get back the normal behaviour
Check sort folders before files to make Nautilus behave well again

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