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17 December 2013

535. Briefly: ACS journal latex template -- achemso

There's no outright template for the preparation of tex files for ACS journals. However, there are two files provided: a bibtex styles file, achemso.bst, and a macro file, achemso.cls. Both are available in the texlive-latex-extra package on debian.

Luckily there's a lot of information online, including a demo file:

Anyway, here's a simple file that can act as a template. Have a look at the demo file at for a much more exhaustive example, including how to use schemes and insert references.

You can figure out the journal abbreviations from their URLs. Otherwise, page 4 in this pdf has a list:


\documentclass[journal=inoraj, layout=twocolumn]{achemso}
\author{Vera Hill}
\affiliation{Department of Chemistry, This University, This Country}
\author{I. Lindqvist}
\affiliation{Department of Chemistry, Another University, That Country}
\title{A quick, non-exhaustive tex template}


%\begin{tocentry} %graphical TOC
%TOC text goes here

The ACS should provide a simple template. They don't, so I do.

\section{Results and Discussion}

% \includegraphics{graphic}
% \caption{A figure}
% \label{fig:example}

VH thanks the internet. IL thanks the electron.

See supporting information for additional experimental details.